Tenant Tips: Move In Notes

Move In Notes

 I send this note to new renters each year. Here is it for tenant reference, as it contains information that will be helpful to you throughout the lease term.

On June 1 you will begin living in your new apartment on West Jackson Street.  If you’re interested in furniture already within the house, then stop over and talk to the current renters.  Many times the graduates will sell  or leave you tables, couches, beds, desk or other things.  However, I must be told beforehand if you want any of the items from prior tenants, and they must be stores and labeled or I will charge the (old) renters to remove the items from the house.   Please place clean notes to indicate the items being left for you or on the fridge, and please either store them or leave them to one side of the room to allow for cleaning.


As you know, as a renter you are responsible for arranging for and paying the utilities.  You will need to call and have the utilities turned on and switched to your name.  Please call them any time within the next few weeks prior to your and arrange for the utilities to be turned on (in your names).  You may be able to save money by having the utility company transfer the account to you rather than pay a new install fee.

(Electric)  Met Ed York 800-545-7741

(Water)    York Water Company 717 845-3601

(Gas)      ColumbiaGas 888-460-4332

Please note, as a part of your agreement, I must have the utilities on in order to clean the house and make repairs.  They must be turned on by May 21st.

If you plan to make your payments twice a year, please make the first of your 2 payments anytime during May; the second payment is due November 31st

I will provide keys to the house on June 1st.  If there’s a bedroom key, it will be in the bedroom door.  The house key is available by meeting me at the house after 10:30am on June 1 and before 3pm.  I can provide a key earlier by arrangement with those who need to and have paid the first month’s rent or can leave the key for them with a roommate. Please make a copy of your bed room key when you receive it, and keep it in an safe place other than in your your room. If you lose your key, there is a replacement charge, as well as a fee if I have to come to the house and let you in to your room.

Contact Bob Murphy with any questions:


(717) 682-8109